TELL is the thermostatic Efficiency Label that governs the international building valves industry. Biworld Fluid Control has achieved TELL. In the link bellow is the Certificate for the German and English versions showing the product model and Registration number. This classification is in applicable to Thermostatic radiator valves and signifies that they meet the minimum requirements for EN 215. The criteria for TELL are as follows

  • Influence of water temperature
  • Hysteresis
  • Response time
  • Influence of differential pressure

The website for TELL can be found here

TELL Certificates

German Label

English Label


Is the certification body of TUV Rheinland Group and a looks at all aspects of conformity assessment. DIN-marks are signify a comprehensive collection of technical rules that sustains the efficient manufacture, testing and assessment of products. BiWorld Fluid Control has a range of thermostatic radiator valves that meet the standards for DIN CERTO.

The website for TUV Rheinland can be found here

DIN CERTO Certificates

English certificate

German certificate


The UKCA marking has replacement the CE mark within the UK, but both are acceptable in order to be able sell products within Great Britain. This declaration of conformity is used throughout the UK to signify compliance with standards and that products meet the standards for the UK and the EU.

The website for UKCA can be found here

UKCA Certificate

English Certificate

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