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BiWorld produces content to support all of its products from technical sheets to instructions of use and maintenance and cleaning programmes.The professional heating engineer, gas installer for mechanical heating engineer needs up to date information in order to specify and install products essential for an energy efficient heating and hot water system. To assist BiWorld Controls has created a database of information that is quick to access and allows the professional to use its products. BiWorld is a specialised manufacturer of heating, hot water and potable control valves and products that allow for a greater energy efficient, more controllable system. The information in this Download Hub relates to BiWorld's Controls products that includes, magnetic filters, thermostatic radiator valves, pressure relief valves, automatic bypass valves, pressure reducing valves, shock arrestors, decorative radiator valve and standard radiator valves, plus lots more of professional heating and hot water control valves.

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BiWorld Controls produces products that are sold throughout the world and each market has specific requirements. These markets may have various different specifications that require a different solution but BiWorld Controls is available to support all its products. It is also interested to develop new products for its existing and new customers and has a strong R&D department that can produce original design manufacturing and OEM. BiWorld Controls offers various designs of thermostatic radiator valve heads and valves to suit many applications. These valves allow for a more efficient use of heating emitters, for instance panel radiators in a central heating system that are required to be controlled. This control allows for comfort and a reduction in heating costs for users. With energy efficiency key to a more sustainable future, BiWorld Controls has set about producing and developing products that support the reduction of energy, This can also be in the form of making heating and hot water more controllable or more effective in their response time to changes in temperature, The thermostatic ranges include a Temperature and Pressure Relief valve set that acts to control hot water in unvented cylinders preventing accidents and reducing harmful water borne disease, through temperature increases to kill bacteria.

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