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BiWorld controls fully supports all products that have been professionally installed using good practice. If you are experiencing an issue with any product please make sure that it has been registered through the Registration page before completing an enquiry form, To ensure a fast and quick resolution please include as much information as possible to aid the response. Good practice is essential to minimise the failure of components on a heating or hot water system and this can include the use of chemical treatment to the water and adequate yearly servicing. Components can fail due to debris within the water system or excessive corrosion and should be treated immediately. It is vital that a yearly service is performed on all systems to support good practice and remedy minor issues that can develop into failure of the product.

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Specialised Manufacturing

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The Knowledge Hub is built to develop a better understanding of the products and applications for all of BiWorld's products. It contains the technical and specifications required to support the installation of products in a commercial and domestic situation. The use of valves for plumbing, heating and hot water requires a professional knowledge before installation to support good practice. The Knowledge Hub has information on radiator valves, thermostatic radiator valves, temperature control valves, magnetic filters, pipe tails, pressure reducing valves and also pressure gauges.

Specialised Manufacturing

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