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Specialised manufacturing for the plumbing heating and hot water industry

BiWorld is a leading manufacturer of heating and hot water control valves along with thermostatically controlled valves for shutting the flow of water through a pipe. After 25 years of research and development BiWorld has developed a portfolio of professional components that are essential for domestic and commercial buildings. The products allow for energy and water to be saved throughout the systems life and control the movement of fluid. The increased control of systems delivering hot or cold water has meant that consideration has to occur for the setting the correct flow, pressure and

temperature. The factory has worked in the field and with customers to find solutions for problems that occur on a system and offer a safe and certified result. It is important to meet relevant certifications and the factory has achieved ISO 9001 and continually invests in the technical development and certification of products to meet standards across multiple countries. These standard include WRAS, TELL,CE, TUV, DIN CERTO and ECM. It is important to check the Technical section for more details and the specifications of all the products are available with the product or can be requested.

Specialised Manufacturing

Heating Products

Understanding how to ensure the most efficient heating circuit is essential to saving energy. Fluid Control has produced products that solve this problem through thermostatic valves, temperature and pressure relief valves that stop the wastage of heat within a circuit or vessel. It also offers a range of products that offer protection for not only the appliances but users from scalding and energy reduction with reduced spend on gas and electricity.

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Specialised Manufacturing

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