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BiWorld Fluid Control is always striving to make sure that all of its products are compliant to the various standards from UKCA and CE to others that support efficiency and sustainability, There is also conforming to anti-contamination procedures like WRAS and approvals to ensure the quality of the products and longevity. Manufacturing to standards ensures durability and gives the professional installer, heating engineer and mechanical engineer peace of mind. Manufacturing to tolerances also means standardisation on performance and installers can understand exactly how and when to use a product. The performance of the products should comply with the standard in order to ensure that the risk is mitigated. The certifications of products is often a requirement of their use or situation of use for example in a commercial property, hospital, social housing, care home or other building that has requirements to meet and reduce the risk to inhabitants. Each territory will have a governing body that issues Certifications and these are the recognised authoritative body for that country.

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The certifications of products allows for an easy process for specifying as that product meets the latest spec. There is also further details required to enable a product to be used on a specific system or job and these are the dimensions and performance of the product. Also featured is the material,colours and finishes that are required to match existing aesthetics for instance thermostatic radiator valves with Antique Copper or Silver Nickel finishes. Also included in Specifications are pipe connection sizes and threading sizes which may differ per territory and to customers requests. BiWorld Fluid Control has worked with customers over the last 10 years to develop specifications that suit each market and quality and Certifications that confirm accordingly.

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