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BiWorld Fluid Control produces a range of products that are specifically for domestic and commercial applications. These applications can be for potable water, central heating circuits and hot water circuits as well as underfloor heating circuits. As a manufacturer it promotes good practice with regard to installation to reduce inefficient systems and extend life expectancy of components. It offers a wide range of thermostatic radiator valves in many different finishes and styles, victorian, modern, traditional and edwardian. These valves are designed to limit the flow of heated water into a radiator and providing a more comfortable living, dining or sleeping area. As systems require more control in order to increase efficiency the use of valves across a system is more extensive. These controls can cause effects such as system noise, dead-legs, cold spots and require remedies like system balancing and venting. The complexity of system design is required to fit into various buildings parameters and in conjunction with appliances, unvented cylinders, heat stores, buffer tanks and much more.

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Looking for specification sheets or product information then the Knowledge Hub is here to support. As a producer of valves, flow control, thermostatic valves as well as pressure gauges,motorised valves BiWorld Fluid Control is available to support its products after installation. The availability of downloads and product information is to support the specification of a product for a installation and then its maintenance and operation throughout its life cycle. BiWorld Fluid Control also manufacturer a range of Temperature and Pressure Relief valves which includes a 6 bar to 10 bar range and are WRAS approved. These valves are available in various sizes to suit connections, metric and imperial. The temperature and pressure relief range of valves monitor the temperature and allows a fail safe for too much expansion of hot water.

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