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With an extensive range of professional product BiWorld Fluid Control has all if the information collated into various brochures, specification sheets and flyers to support the installation of radiator valves, filters, bypass valves, decorative tails and much more. The brochures contain quality pictures, specification and certifications to support the use and maintenance of products manufactured by BiWorld Fluid Control.

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Feature on Shock Arrestors

BiWorld Fluid Control produces a range of shock arrestors or water hammer units that support a safer and more reliable system. Water hammer can affect appliances and other valves, for instance shower valves and circulating pumps to creating a shock to the system. Allowing for a air separation or buffer in a inline pipe leg stops the damaging effect of water hammer when on a cold main. This air break stops the shock traveling up the pipe that can create noise and banging. Hammer can occur on any pipe when an appliance or valve is closed and start wear and degradation of components on the pipework.

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Feature on Auto-bypass valves

BiWorld Fluid Control offers a range of auto-bypass valves that feature a pressure differential setting, releasing the valve once this desired setting is reached. With the increasing complexity of systems featuring more control valves for efficiency, energy saving variable speed pumps and pressure differentials due to pipe drops and systems getting larger in water volume the use of auto-bypass valves has greatly increased. This is due to the trend for decorative radiators such as tubular towel rails and multicolumn radiators that are different to convector panel radiators as the contain larger volumes of water. It is essential to use thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators to control the temperature and increase the efficiency of heat emitters, like radiators.

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