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Standards for quality or assurance is essential to maintain safety and BiWorld Fluid Controls understands this and supports ISO and various other Certifications to achieve better products. These Certification bodies work closely with industry to set standards that maintain safety in heating, hot water and potable water applications as well as gas and oil. HVAC, plumbing and heating engineers rely on Trade associations to support the transfer of knowledge to them and they also offer other services that are essential to industry best practice. The trade associations supported in various countries are often made up of many members that include manufacturers, distributors, resellers, merchants and the installers themselves. This network of industry professionals allow for common legislation and good standards to be be achieved, thus promoting, supporting and continuing the industry for many years to come.
Trade Bodies

The UK has many trade bodies that represent parts and facets of the Plumbing, Heating, Hot Water and HVAC industries. This is often split between manufacturers and distributors in one group and installers and governing bodies in another. We are really interested to hear from Trade Bodies in various countries and understand how to support the great work that they do to increase the understanding of good practice, legislation and governance. Some of the UK trade bodies are listed below.
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