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As well as a comprehensive catalogue of products and technical sheets BiWorld Fluid Control is producing video assets to aid installation and knowledge. Supporting the professional installer with images, videos and other material is something that can also be shared with stockists and distributors. These videos allow an insight into the installation of products and best practice techniques for fitting bathroom, plumbing and heating equipment. Which include thermostatic radiators suitable for panel radiators, towel rails and multicolumn radiators and can be installed vertically and horizontally. There is also boiler magnetic filters that stop metal particles entering heat exchangers, pumps and water heaters. They trap metal particles using a magnet that can be cleaned yearly in a maintenance programme by the qualified heating engineer. If there is a video or demonstration that could support better installation then BiWorld Fluid Control would be interested in finding out how better to support the installer. A video can be requested via the link below.
Technical Information

BiWorld Fluid Control fully supports all of its products and there is information available in Downloads, Brochures and technical sheets. The full range of products are available through leading stockists throughout various countries and it is suggested that any questions are directed through installers and professionals trades persons. In various territories there are resellers and distributors of products which should be contacted first in case of a technical question or issue.
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Interested in stocking or distributing products then please use our Product Enquiry form. BiWorld Fluid Control has various partners throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia that offer products suitable for the professional trades persons. Interested in a private label or ODM manufacturing then BiWorld Fluid Control is readily available to support the project.
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